Wells Fargo Routing Number Texas

Accordingly, Wells Fargo Routing Number Texas is 111900659 in for north texas and routing number of Wells fargo south is 112000066. These routing numbers are varies for different locations that means where the branch is situated thus it totally relies on which branch location you belong to and where your bank account is opened.

Texas (North)

Texas (South)

Wells Fargo Routing Number is a nine-digit code which plays primary role in the bank that can be founded on the back side of the check and it is very different from the account number.  The routing number alternatively called as transit number or ABA numbers or SWIFT codes which are used by customers to transfer the money or maintain the account. Wells Fargo Routing tx  (i.e texas) is a very specialized service than savings accounts, IRAs, Prepaid cards, wire transfers, and lines of credit.

The routing number totally lies on where you initially opened the bank account. It can be found on the below left corner of the check easily. If you're unable to find the Routing Number for Wells Fargo  Texas, you can contact the customer service representative through a telephone number. For the purpose of wire transfer, you can use the transit number WFBIUS6S for all international wires and 121000248 for all domestic wires.

Similarly, you can able to find routing numbers for other Wells Fargo Locations such as 121042882 for California, 121042882 for Oklahoma, 053207766 for South Carolina, 051400549 for Virginia, 055003201 for Maryland, 121042882 for West Virginia, and more. If you want to know the routing numbers for your bank account, you can directly go to the online website wellsfargo.com and click the customer service button in which you can find total information of the company including routing numbers and account numbers. Based on your needs, it will give you the information of routing numbers and account numbers. We just mentioned wells fargo routing number for tx as the post is concerned about texas feel free to check out the other numbers from official site

As Wells Fargo is the America's largest banking service organization, it expanded the business to across the locations of the United States of America including Alaska, California, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Texas El Paso, Washington, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, Kentucky, Montana, and more. 


Wells Fargo offers you the banking solutions including personal, small business, and commercial. Personal solutions are subsuming banking, loans and credit, investing and retirement, insurance, wealth management, and rewards & benefits. Wells Fargo Banking services involving accounts and services such as checking accounts, credit cards, debit and prepaid cards, Foreign Exchange, Global Remittance service, online banking, online pay bill, transfers, online statements, mobile banking, and identity theft protection. 

Checking Accounts

You can open a checking account at wellsfargo.com within a couple of moments that can be very helpful to manage your throughout the year in order to meet your banking needs. Wells Fargo Checking Accounts make easier to do the things such as check deposits, pay bills, view balances, and transfer funds either using your smart phone or browsing the online website. It gives you the benefits of zero liability protection that you won't be held responsible for promptly reported unauthorized transactions, prepare your financial plan using the complete range of online tools, and access your money at 13,000 ATMs. Other advantages are debit card, free account alerts, and optional overdraft protection. The checking account requires a minimum deposit of $25. 

Debit and Prepaid Cards

The debit card offers a safer and convenient way to access and manage your money. Additionally, you can access money at ATMs and make purchases easily. With the use of Wells Fargo Debit Card, you can able to access the money from your primary checking account in order to make purchases. A variety of debit cards are available such as Platinum debit card, Instant Issue debit card, and Campus card. By using platinum debit card, customers can able to make everyday purchases across worldwide over phone or online website with an eligible Wells Fargo Checking account. The instant issue debit card allows you to access to your account until you receive permanent card and it is valid for 30 days. Using campus card, you can carry one card to access the campus facilities including get cash at ATMs and make everyday purchases. Prepaid cards also provided by the company and they can help you to manage your money subsuming controlling of your budget and no overdraft fees. 

Credit Cards

The bank organization provides different types of credit cards to get the financial assistance temporarily such as Propel American Express card, Cash Wise Visa card, and Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card. 

Online Banking

The advantages of online banking involving account activity, financial tools, money movement, mobile banking, online statements, and online brokerage. Using online statements, you can go with paperless with fully free and secure statements for checking, savings, and other accounts. Through online brokerage account, you can manage your own investments with convenience and control of your account. Using money movement feature, you can pay bills in easier way with Bill Pay which transfers the money between accounts or use your email or mobile number for transferring of money from another person with Zille. Quicken financial tool will be very helpful to map your financial plan very easily and it enhances the convenience of your online banking experiences. 

Loans and Credit

Wells Fargo loan types are mortgage loans, home equity loans, student loans, auto loans, credit loans, and personal lines and loans. Mortgage loans are mainly designed to helpful for you to reach your financial goals including buying a house, improve your home, refinance your mortgage, manage your account, and use funds from your home. There are different types of mortgage loans including home buying loans, refinancing loans, and home equity refinancing. Home buying loans can be used for buying a home and the benefits are fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages, new construction loans, and low down payment options including FHA and VA. Refinancing loan options subsuming fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages, home affordable refinance program, and FHA and VA mortgages. Home equity options are home equity line of credit, fixed rate advance feature, and mortgage plus home equity financing. 

Personal Lines and Loans

Debt consolidation loan improves your financial situation and it's competitive and fixed rates give you the benefits. The advantages of a personal loans are no origination fee or prepayment penalty, simple online application and funding process, get your funds often by next business day once approved, and loans from $3000 to $100,000 and no requirement of collateral. You can estimate your rate and payment options using tools and calculators. You can also compare your loan options and lines of credit to choose the right option for your banking needs. 

Student Loans

Student Loan types are undergraduate loans, graduate loans, and consolidate student loans. Through undergraduate loans, you can cover tuition and other eligible expenses with a private student loan and make no payments while in school. The undergraduate loans included career and community colleges, cosign a private loan, and student loan for parents. Graduate loans has been provided the private student loans for law, graduate, health, MBA, and other professional programs. You can also opt for consolidate student loans which combine multiple student loans or refinance a single student loans. 

Auto Loans

You can choose a Wells Fargo Auto Loan to finance your car and it gives you the advantages such as over 65 years of auto loan experience, competitive rates and fast credit decisions, flexible car loan options that are tailored to your car loans and tips and tools to choose the right loan option in accordance with your banking needs. You can able to get the lower car payments with the refinancing loan option and it will allow you to access the wealth information and tips and tools. It offers relationship discounts for existing customers and 24/7 access to statements and mobile alerts.


Wells Fargo Insurance products and services has been involved auto insurance, specialty vehicle insurance, home owners insurance, and umbrella liability insurance. 

Investing and Retirement

It can simplify your banking and investing with a single sign-on. In addition to this, you can access to your Wells Fargo advisors and accounts on your laptop or PC or smartphone or tablet. You can also visit the tellers at Wells Fargo branches and deposits through an associated limited purpose. Whether you're managing the own investment portfolio online or receiving the helpful support of an investment professional and it makes the easier way to invest in mutual funds. You can take advantage of helpful tools and resources from Wells Fargo advisors. It including mutual fund screener and Wells Trade mutual fund screened list. By using mutual fund screener, you can narrow down the thousands of available mutual funds to a manageable list that meets your criteria. 

Rewards and Benefits

This bank organization provides Go Far rewards that offer more ways than ever to make great things happen. You can also add everyday purchases that can add up to unique trips, merchandise, charitable donations and more. Using credit card, you can earn go far rewards on virtually all net purchases from filling the tank with a gas to stocking up on groceries or dining at your favorite restaurant.